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K9 Filtering: Fool-Proof

21 February 2009 15 Comments

1. Go to K9’s website: www.k9webprotection.com


2. Put in your partner’s e-mail address, NOT your own. If you don’t have a partner, please contact our filter gabai at: filter.gye@gmail.com. He will get you a license using his e-mail address. This insures that you can’t ask them to send you the password. (Do not attempt to use his e-mail address in your installation – it will not work. Instead, contact him and he'll do it for you). If you use the GYE filter Gabai's services, please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


3. Request a license from them. It will come to your partner (or to the filter-Gabai)


4. Contact your partner or the Filter-Gabai and ask them to forward to you the license that they received from K9.


5. Complete installation of K9 using the license you received from your partner or the Filter-Gabai.


6. While installing, enter a random password that you won’t remember.


7. Go to Setup > click on Web Categories to Block and set the K9 protection level to CUSTOM, leave checked all those already checked by default and add any others categories (chat, entertainment, streaming media, etc) that are necessary  to insure that all the improper sites are blocked.


8. Click Save.


9. After installation, on the left hand side in the menu, click on "Advanced" and then make sure that all are checked, especially the last item on the page "Filter Secure Traffic" (filter secure (HTTPS) traffic)


If you ever need anything adjusted in K9, here’s what you do:

1. Ask them to send you a temporary password. It will come to your partner’s e-mail address (or to the filter-Gabai’s address)

2. You and your partner need to download a program called "ShowMyPC.exe" here.

3. You and your partner should run the program.

4. Press "Show My PC" and a unique code will be generated by the program.

5. Send the code to your partner who will press "View Remote PC" and enter the code.

6. He will then see your computer screen and be able to control your mouse.

7. Communicate with him using ShowMyPC’s "Meeting Room" feature under "Options"

8. He can then enter the password you requested (that he got by e-mail) without you seeing the password, and then you can make the adjustments that you need to make.

9. When he finishes, you or him should "Log-Out" of K9 to ensure that it is once more protecting your computer.



By using the GYE filter Gabai's services you agree that you will not receive your password (or a temporary password) back from the gabai simply upon request (otherwise, what would be the point?). If you need changes done to the filter, the filter gabai will offer you the option of making the changes remotely using remote accessing software. If this is not an option for you, you will need to give a valid explanation why it is not an option, and in addition, you will need to wait a minimum of 24 hours before receiving the password (or temp password) from the filter gabai.


  • admin said:

    “Me” posted on the forum the following important info about K9 settings:

    L’chvode all of my fellow warriors, and warrioresses!

    Below you will find the basic instructions for using the k9 filter. I believe that this is the best free filter, however….there is no filter that cannot be by-passed… some how, some way. We just must really believe the truth, that when a thought suddenly soars into our minds, and says, “hey, how about some sport today. Let’s see if we can bypass this filter”,
    You must know that if you listen to this voice, (and it will come), you are really “by-passing” yourself. I have learned that when I had done searches for inappropiate things in order to “test” my k9…. I was really only testing myself. And, in the end I lost. Why? Because what the Ba’al Shem Tov said, “You are where your thoughts are”. Even if you push search buttons, and nothing comes up, BUT as long as you are wanting the schmutz to come up, as long you are really “not” testing your k9, but really hoping that your k9 will fail, then as the Ba’al Shem Tov says, you really ARE there! Yes, you are person wanting,seeking, and breathing shmutz. And, this WILL damage your neshoma, and will cause weakness to the 90 day goal etc…even if you didn’t see anything in-appropiate.
    I have learned the hard way, that the ONLY way to have a chance is to go 100%. This means, when I walk in the street, my shmiras ha-einayim must be 100%. Yes, after a couple of weeks of this, yesterday was only 99%. But, when you leave your house, your goal must be 100%. Nothing else ever worked for me. So, it is not enough to install a filter, but it is a big step. It is not enough to give Guard the password, but this is even a bigger step. And, even to throw your computer out of the window will not be enough…although this is a gigantic step!
    Just like there is only 1 Ribbono Shel Olam, there is only 1 way. We must throw the taiyva, and lusting out of ourselves. This is the 100% way. As Rav.Guard once said, “the filter is only a heker”. It is only their to remind us of our goal. It is not there to see if we will be the next olympiad for hurdling over it.

    Once we download the newest edition of k9, the beta edition, anyone who has an old edition from let’s say about a year ago if not less, then you should update it.

    Open the program -you will see the choice for “SetUp’. Click on this button:

    On this page you will find all of the categories for blocking. They provide their own 5 choices which are: High, Default, Moderate, Minimal, and Monitor( which does not block at all)

    Under the “Monitor” button there is one more choice which is called:

    “CUSTOM”- click on this button and below you get to check the many varied little boxes which contain the description of almost any category you will find on the web.
    (Now you must be honest, and use your sechel to check anything that may lead to problems. You will check the box for Pornogrophy, dating, proxy avoidance, social networking, intimate apparel, adult mature content, abortion, sex education,nudity, open image media, Peer-peer (p2p), newsgroups, personal pages/blogs.
    These are categories that you must block. you will still be able to watch movies etc, but you must block all blogs as there are plenty dealing with sex etc. You can/will add other categories as time goes on
    IMPORTANT: After doing the above, you must go to the bottom of the page,and click the “SAVE” button, or you will have done nothing.

    NEXT: Go to the left hand menue, and click on “ADVANCED”. Here you will see a page with 4 choices to block. You must block the 1st,2nd, and last choice. And then once again, click “SAVE” at the bottom of the page.

    NEXT:Go back to the left hand menue,and click”WEBSITE EXCEPTIONS”, here you will be able to write in all of the websites that are a sore thumb for you. These are the ones that are your loopholes, and are not blocked by k9. Underneath this, is the place to enter websites that you DO want to view, or else they would be blocked by k9. You must write in the GYE webstie URLS, as well as this Forum’s Url, otherwise they will be blocked.
    REMEMBER: Go to the bottom of page a click the “SAVE” button.

    Finally: Go back to the left hand menue and click on “URL KeyWords”,
    Here you will add all of the different words, and keywords that you have been using when “testing” your k9. Even though you have blocked certain categories such as “intimate apparel”, we can easily think of our own keywords that WILL bring in returns. Now, once again click on “SAVE”

    Remember: Each time that you add a new category, Url, website etc, to your “blocked list”, one that has been a disaster for you, you have actually been Makriv a Korban to Hashem.

  • Daniel said:

    You can do the same thing for free with Live family protection! at download.live.com

  • Meir said:

    One of the most useful features I found with k9 is the ability to shut down the internet for a period of time once a certain number of pages have been blocked.
    I had my k9 set that if k9 blocks 10 pages within 10 minutes then it disables the internet for an hour.
    I have found that sometimes I get into an unhealthy cycle and attempt to view things I shouldnt. I would move from site to site in an unhealthy vicious addictive behaviour. Thanks to k9 after 10 blocks the internet is disabled and I am able to get out and go for a walk or eat something anc connect to people in contrast to my addiction.
    Many people are not aware of this feature but I think it is a vital tool to keep my sobriety.



  • JosephG said:

    I have had K-9 installed for awhile now and it is difficult to break — specially when someone else has control of your passwords. The only problem I have come across is when needing the temporary password for a legitimate reason, and then when my partner gives it to me, I am able to access sites that I should not be in temporarily. I never heard of “showmypc” before and will suggest this to my accountability partner. Today Rabbah GYE.

  • Ark321 said:

    Hi everyone. I would like to install K9 but I have a certain problem. Maybe others share such a problem. The computer that I use is our laptop at home. Its used by myself and my wife. I cant explain to my wife the importance of putting on a filter, I just can’t. To my wife the idea of internet filters only applies to kids. For me to explain to her that I too need one, will be a mistake – this will shock her and not be good for us. So, is there a way to set the filter so that It will protect me from going onto the wrong sites, but when my wife uses the computer she will not see that there is a filter?

  • Stop2Destroy said:

    You may tell your wife that you recently went to a shiur and the Rav was adamant that EVERY single person there go home and install a filter. I went to this shiur and I can tell you, the rav said he also has internet cause he has no choice, but he has MANY filters. If a Rav (well respected, big Rav in monsey) says he needs a filter, how much more so do you. Tell that to your wife, tell her you trust that the rav knows better than you, and thats it.

  • GuardYourEyes » Blog Archive » Jew-In-Pain said:

    [...] Jew-In-Pain [...]

  • admin said:

    Jnet has a system that blocks pictures

  • anonymous said:

    Just to confirm, I use k9 and it is a great tool. And to confirm one more thing, I have learned how to bypass it completely so make sure to use the partner system. It makes a big difference.

  • k9 almost good said:

    I have k9 and only allowed specific sites.  However I can still get to google images ..which is not so kosher. Is there anyway to block it? or any way to block all images in the internet?

  • enfermo said:

    WHy does the K9 for Iphone not offer all these options?

  • anonymous said:

    Do you need seperate licenses if have more than one computer and also does this work for PDAs?

  • a guy who wants to watch out said:

    Is there a filter (global one not only a browser) for a iPad?

  • shira said:

    Is this the program where one chooses a partner who is able to view all the sites I went on so as to monitor it? Additionaly exactly which sites does it block? What about pop ups? Will it block pictures if I am shopping for shoes etc? Is there a way to talk to someone over the phone just to clarify these points. Also how do I sign up? Thank you

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